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Hybrid Polishing Pads With Velcro Backing for Concrete Terrazzo

Hybrid bond transitional diamond floor polishing pads are for polishing concrete and smoothing scratch patterns and more efficient at removing scratch marks created by metal bond diamond grinding tools, greatly reducing polishing progress time.

  • Brand:

  • Item NO.:

  • Color

    Brown, Green, Black, Red, Yellow
  • Grits:

    30, 50, 100, 200, 400
  • Bond:

  • Diamond Thickness:

    10mm Height
  • Diameter:

    3 inch
  • Advantage:

    A good tool for scratch removal after metal steps before transition to resins
  • Usage:

    Wet use

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Hybrid Polishing Pads With Velcro Backing for Concrete Terrazzo

Metal and Resin Hybrid Grinding Pads 


-        Hybrid tooling and diamond transitional tools are ideal for scratch removal after the metal grinding steps before transitioning to resin polishing steps

-        10mm diamond thickness hybrid metal resin polishing pad for very long service life

-        Hybrid polishing pads have fast grinding on the surface

-        Pie shape style design achieve a great grinding result

-        Diameter 3 inch suitable for mostly grinders in the market

-        Grits #30, 50, 100, 200, 400 are available for hybrid diamonds

-        Wet use recommended



Concrete, Terrazzo

Hybrid Transitional Polishing Pad 


Heavyweight floor grinding machines with velcro attachment, Walk-behind grinder, Redilock grinder, Floor grinding machine, Quick release grinder, Fast change machine, Redi lock machine, HTC grinder, Husqvarna Grinder, Scanmaskin Grinder, Terrco Floor Grinder



Hybrid Pad package

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