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  • Polished Concrete Floor
    Polished Concrete Floor

    Polished concrete is created by repeatedly running specialized industrial grinding machines with ever finer polishing heads across a treated concrete slab to form a smooth, burnished surface. Polished concrete has been treated with a chemical densifier and ground with progressively finer grinding tools. Stain guards are then applied. The grinding tools used are usually progressive grits of diamond...

  • Terrazzo Floor Grinding and Polishing
    Terrazzo Floor Grinding and Polishing

    Terrazzo flooring requires very little maintenance to maintain its finish over time making it a very popular choice for high traffic commercial buildings that also need to maintain an upscale image, although the finish wears very well, it will eventually need to be mechanically ground and polished again like it was when it was originally installed. Grinding the terrazzo surface with coarse diamond...

  • Concrete Grinding and Polishing
    Concrete Grinding and Polishing

    TransGrind Diamond Tooling supplies a full range of premium quality diamond tools for concrete flooring industry. Concrete grinding and polishing services are ideal for a variety of applications in both commercial and industrial buildings. Some of these popular applications for polished concrete flooring include: -Warehouse Floors -Showroom Floors for Automotive, Boat, and RV Showrooms -Manufactur...

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