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  • Concrete Grinding and Polishing
    Concrete Grinding and Polishing

    TransGrind Diamond Tooling supplies a full range of premium quality diamond tools for concrete flooring industry. Concrete grinding and polishing services are ideal for a variety of applications in both commercial and industrial buildings. Some of these popular applications for polished concrete flooring include: -Warehouse Floors -Showroom Floors for Automotive, Boat, and RV Showrooms -Manufactur...

  • Terrazzo Floor Grinding and Polishing
    Terrazzo Floor Grinding and Polishing

    Terrazzo flooring requires very little maintenance to maintain its finish over time making it a very popular choice for high traffic commercial buildings that also need to maintain an upscale image, although the finish wears very well, it will eventually need to be mechanically ground and polished again like it was when it was originally installed. Grinding the terrazzo surface with coarse diamond...

  • Warehouse Flooring
    Warehouse Flooring

    Warehouse Flooring —— Warehouse Floor Designs Warehouse floor types must meet many different needs, from heavy traffic to shock absorption, exposure to extreme temperatures and providing cleaning convenience and maximum safety. These stringent requirements vary from industry to industry, thus requiring different types of flooring to meet different needs. These varieties range from custom floors fo...

  • Healthcare Flooring
    Healthcare Flooring

    Healthcare Flooring —— Polished Concrete For Healthcare Flooring The healthcare industry requires mission-critical performance from commercial flooring systems. The versatility of polished concrete offers a range of benefits that facilities should recognize. Polished concrete has become the solution of choice for many commercial customers, including healthcare, medical device and pharmaceutical ma...

  • Airplane Hangar Flooring
    Airplane Hangar Flooring

    Airplane Hangar Flooring —— Choosing Polished Concrete For Airplane Hangar Flooring We all know that airplane hangar flooring systems receive a lot of heavy traffic, and epoxy flooring solutions for airplane hangars are recommended frequently. But polished concrete may also be the right choice for your new airplane hangar flooring for some reasons: 1. DURABLE When prepared and installed properly, ...

  • Business Flooring
    Business Flooring

    Business Flooring —— Benefits of Concrete Floors for Businesses If you run a business, then you need to treat every small decision as a business decision and give it the same attention as if you were going to invest in a massive merger. Something as simple as choosing flooring for your property can directly impact your profit as it can mean higher or lower cost (depending on initial cost, cleaning...

  • Home Flooring
    Home Flooring

    Home Flooring —— Concrete Floors In Your Home Polished concrete floors are a great way to create an industrial vibe and can be used in every room, as shown in the categories below, kitchen, dining, living room, bathroom, bedroom, etc. You can create your own Industrial atmosphere whenever you want. Kitchen/Dining room Using polished concrete floors in dining rooms and kitchens is an extremely smar...

  • Education Flooring
    Education Flooring

    Education Flooring —— Try Concrete Flooring For Safety Flooring In Schools Children spend half their time at school. The architecture, environment and floors of the school are all important to the students and the overall atmosphere of the school. Many schools are turning to carpet floors and vinyl floors because they appear to be less expensive and easier to install and maintain. This floor is al...

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