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    Diamond Fiber Polishing Pads

    TransGrind Diamond Tools has developed a new diamond fiber polishing pad for cleaning, maintaining and restoring the shine on concrete, terrazzo and natural stone floors. It is characterized by high durability and flexibility and easy to install on popular floor grinder. It is also easy to use fiber polishing pad for dry polishing of various types of coatings and floors. It produces a low-maintena...

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    Diamond Grinding Cup Wheel

    The diamond cup wheel is the one of the perfect grinding tools for concrete grinding. And it fits most angle grinders to help you power through each project. Its longer working life combined with fast removing speed enabling less working fatigue and eases the workload overall. The segmented grinding wheel are considered one of the best in the market today because they deliver excellent performance...

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    TransGrind Diamond Tools

    TransGrind Tools is professionally specialized in manufacturing diamond tooling for concrete surface preparation, concrete floor restoration and maintenance. Our main lines include PCD removal tooling, metal bond tooling, resin bond tooling, diamond grinding wheels, flexible polishing pads, hybrid transitional tools, diamond fiber polishing pads, etc. We always attached a lot of importance to know...

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    Triangle Diamond Polishing Pad

    There is one great problem with polished concrete floor that it has great difficulty to polish the edges, corners and other tight areas because the most of the diamond tools are rotary grinding wheels or grinding discs. The existing rotary tools cannot get into a right angle corner because they are round and spin around an axis leaving a triangular section of unfinished concrete in the corner...

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    Your Reliable Partner — TransGrind

    TransGrind is a manufacturer with over 19 years’ experience in manufacturing professional quality diamond tooling. We specialized in manufacturing all kind of premium diamond tools like PCD tools for surface preparation, metal bond grinding tools, hybrid transitional tools, resin bond polishing pads for concrete floor restoration and maintenance. As one of the most professional suppliers of diamon...

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    3 Inch Diamond Dry Polishing Pads

    Transgrindtools has developed 3 inch diamond dry polishing pads. Premium diamond tools with velcro backing are designed for fine concrete polishing. Its round-spiral style and large groove ways are designed for easy scraps removal. And its extra thick segments design are for longer service life. Diamond polishing pads tolerates high-heat and work well on both soft and hard concrete and terrazzo to...

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    Ceramic Bond Transitional Polishing Pads

    TransGrind has developed a new 3 inch ceramic bond transitional polishing pad. It is designed for fast grinding concrete floors and smoothing scratch patterns. Ceramic polishing pads are used between metal grinding step and resin polishing step since it is deal for transitional polishing after quick remove scratches left behind by the metal grinding steps to prepare concrete for resin polishing. T...

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     3 Steps Diamond Impregnated Burnishing Pads

    TransGrind has developed a new 3 Steps diamond impregnated burnishing pads for cleaning, maintaining and restoring the shine on concrete, terrazzo and natural stone floors. It keeps the floor with natural gloss and shine without the use of chemical. It is easy to use 3-step process (1#, 2#, 3#) for polishing and maintaining. It produces a low-maintenance floor system that only needs to be cleaned ...

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