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    Practice of Terrazzo Floor(2)

    (4) Polishing The polishing process is an important process for the terrazzo effect. The main purpose of polishing is to grind off the cement slurry on the surface layer and smooth the stone ballast on the surface. TransGrind supply different kinds of diamond tools for terrazzo grinding and polishing ,also for concrete and stone. We have supplied many different kinds of diamond tools for many cust...

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    Practice of Terrazzo Floor (1)

    Terrazzo is a commonly used building decoration material. It is widely used because of its rich source of raw materials, low price, good decorative effect and simple construction process. Terrazzo is also a kind of artificial stone, which is made of cement and mixed with marble or granite crushed stone of different colors and particle sizes. After stirring, molding, curing, grinding and other proc...

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    How to use the floor grinder in the floor construction?

    For the construction of solidified floor, it is not only materials, but also construction tools and technology that are important. We should choose appropriate tools and master the key of construction. Grinding tools must be prepared before grinding the concrete sealing curing agent. Select appropriate construction equipment to meet use requirements. Then, as a kind of engineering machinery, ...

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    Construction Steps Of Concrete Floor

    When we are constructing concrete, we must pay attention to its construction steps. Once the concrete construction steps are deviated, it is likely to bring infinite damage to the road surface or wall late. Concrete Floor Construction Steps 1. Before construction on the concrete floor, we must make preparations for the construction. First, we must provide the construction personnel with accommodat...

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    How To Grind The Floor Well

    Over the past few years, the stone care industry has made great progress in the polishing field. Especially represented by crystalline powder, which is generally ground to 1000# now, it can make excellent gloss. We feel that it's easy enough to be pretty for the engineering. But we still have to stay awake, not to ignore one and the other, and ignore the grinding link that is far more important th...

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    How to Smooth Concrete Surfaces

    When working with concrete, it is imperative to maintain a smooth and consistent surface throughout any work. While this may seem like an obvious and completely self-evident fact, many people simply don't have the right knowledge to make sure this happens. That's why we're here to help inspire and inform our readers with some expert tips and processes that can be used to ensure pristine finishes e...

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    Leveling Effect Differences And Choose Methods Between Resin Bond Grinding Pads And Metal Bond Grinding Pads

    Stone care is a technical activity, and in many cases, it is necessary to select products according to local conditions based on rich experience. At present, there are two types of abrasive pads on the market: resin bond pads and metal bond pads. 1. Resin Bond Pads The resin bond pads adopts the formula of "resin bond + abrasives", and it can be seen that there are large abrasive particles in it. ...

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    The Importance Of Grinding In Hardened Floor Construction

    With the popularity of concrete sealing and curing agent in the floor industry, more and more customers choose the sealing and curing agent floor, that is, hardened floor. To make a hardened floor, there are several important factors, including: the quality of the concrete sealing curing agent material, the construction technology of the product, the technology of the construction personnel, etc. ...

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