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/Premium Quality 3 Inch Resin Polishing Pads White Wet Diamond Concrete Grinding Pad For Stone Floor

Premium Quality 3 Inch Resin Polishing Pads White Wet Diamond Concrete Grinding Pad For Stone Floor

3 inch diamond wet polishing pad is specifically designed for wet grinding and polishing stone floor. These concrete floor diamond polishing pads are embedded with high-quality diamond particles that provide exceptional durability and grinding power.

  • Item NO.:

  • Color

  • Grits:

    50, 100, 200, 400, 800, 1500, 3000
  • Bond:

  • Diameter:

    3 inch
  • Diamond thickness:

    10mm Height
  • Application:

    Stone, Concrete, Terrazzo
  • Usage:


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Premium Quality 3 Inch Resin Polishing Pads White Wet Diamond Concrete Grinding Pad For Stone Floor

Diamond Wet Polishing Pad


-  Long lifespan resin pads for stone;

-  Available grits:50, 100, 200, 400, 800, 1500, 3000;

-  Velcro Backing polishing pads for stone floor;

-  Fit most commonly used floor grinding machines;

-  Designed to be heat resistant while floor grinding;

-  Used for wet grinding applications;



Stone, Concrete, Terrazzo



Heavyweight floor grinding machines with velcro attachment, Walk-behind grinder, Redilock grinder, Floor grinding machine, Quick release grinder, Fast change machine, Redi lock machine, HTC grinder, Husqvarna Grinder, Scanmaskin Grinder, Terrco Floor Grinder



Diamond Concrete Grinding Pad

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