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With over 17 years’ experience in producing diamond tooling specially for floor restoration industry, TransGrind has rich knowledge and technical support to design and manufacture a wide range of diamond tools for different applications. Many contractors find that the metal bond diamond grinding tools will leave deep scratches during the concrete floor grinding process. In the next stage of polishing work, it is difficult to quickly remove the scratches caused by the metal bond diamond tools with resin bond polishing pads, resin diamonds consumption is too fast. To solve this problem, TransGrind brand is created, Its mission is to help contractors improve grinding efficiency, quickly remove scratches made by metal diamonds, and prepare for the subsequent polishing stage. “Trans-” is the meaning of transition, “Grind” means grinding, TransGrind - transitional grinding, this is what our brand name means. We have developed Super MC Bond Diamond Transitional Tools, Hybrid Polishing Pads, 3 Step Transitional Diamond Tools and Ceramic Easy Edge Polishing Wheel, which can quickly remove the scratches produced by the metal grinding tools, and leave very light smooth scratches on the surface, preparing for next polishing process. The mission of TransGrind Tools is to help people and make their work more efficient, easier and simpler.   In addition, for concrete floor grinding and polishing industry, TransGrind has also developed other types of diamond tooling for concrete surface prep, concrete grinding and polishing. We mainly focus on the following lines:   Concrete Surface Prep Concrete Grinding and Polishing Diamond Transitional Pads Refurbishing and Burnishing Pads Stone Fabrication Tools ……   TransGrind would be your reliable partner for concrete restoration and diamond tools business, we have professional suggestions and solutions for concrete/terrazzo grinding and polishing, floor restoration industries.   TransGrind Polishing Systems Your Grinding & Polishing Specialist    
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We have rich experience in design and production of premium quality diamond tooling for all kinds of concrete terrazzo floors, and our tooling fits all popular grinders in the market.

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TransGrind Diamond Tools-TransGrind Polishing System-TransGrind Tools TrasGrind is always focusing on developing new technology to produce better diamond tooling for concrete floor grinding and polishing industry.

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