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Advantages And Disadvantages Of New Ceramic Materials For Application Fields
Dec 04 , 2020

With the emergence of cermet sand, the sandblasting process has developed rapidly. In the fields of aviation, automotive and other industrial manufacturing, applications such as sandblasting, surface finishing and shot peening have actually promoted the extensive and in-depth development of ceramic materials. the study. Due to the presence of glass phase in the ceramic, the ceramic becomes hard and dense, which also hinders the further improvement of ceramic strength.

Application areas of ceramic sand:

1."Sandblast finishing" of plastic, stainless steel, aluminum alloy, copper and other alloy workpieces

2."Cleaning and polishing" the inner and outer walls of metal pipes such as steel pipes and copper pipes

3."Grinding and dispersion" of liquids and powders in chemical, food, and pharmaceutical industries

4."Vibration polishing" for precious metal jewelry with complex structure

5."Precision ceramic balls" for various electrical appliances, machinery, chemical industries and other equipment

6.Substitute the zirconia "ceramic structure" of traditional materials (plastic, metal, etc.)

7."Shot blasting strengthening" of metal parts such as aviation, ships, automobiles, machinery, etc.

The advantages and disadvantages of new ceramic materials: ceramic materials have their unique advantages in function; ceramic materials are a class of inorganic non-metallic materials made of natural or synthetic compounds through forming and high-temperature sintering. In terms of thermal and mechanical properties, there are High temperature resistance, heat insulation, high hardness, wear resistance, etc.; in terms of electrical properties, it has insulation, piezoelectricity, semiconductivity, magnetism, etc.; in terms of chemistry, it has the functions of catalysis, corrosion resistance, and adsorption; in terms of biology, it has Certain biocompatibility, can be used as biological structural materials, etc. But it also has its shortcomings, such as brittleness. Therefore, research and development of new functional ceramics is an important field in materials science.

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