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Applied Research of Nanomaterials in Coated Abrasives Binder
Jan 18 , 2021

Nanoparticles refer to particles with a diameter between 1 and 100 mm that can be observed with an electron microscope. The emergence of nanoscience can be regarded as a revolution in the history of science. The development of nanoscience has provided new opportunities for the interdisciplinary development of chemistry, physics, materials science, biology and bionics.

Due to the unique properties of nanomaterials and the discovery of new laws, new interdisciplinary research hotspots have been formed in this field in recent years, involving basic knowledge of nanoscience, introduction, preparation, structure, properties of nanomaterials as well as composite nanomaterials and other fields as well as prospects for nanomaterials and nanosystem physics. Due to the large specific surface area of the nanoparticles, the small distance between the particles, the high surface energy, and the appearance of various excellent properties in terms of magnetism, optics, electromagnetics, wave absorption, chemical activity, and internal pressure, they are applied to polymers In the field, it will significantly improve the mechanical properties and thermal stability of its materials, and can give some special properties.

With the continuous development of nanomaterials research, people have turned their attention to the application of nanomaterials. Nano-polycrystalline diamond is one of the application of nanomaterials. It can be used in construction industry.

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