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Analysis of Abrasive Tools for Floor Grinding and Polishing

Analysis of Abrasive Tools for Floor Grinding and Polishing
Feb 26 , 2021

Diamond abrasive is a super-hard abrasive. Although its processing history is relatively long, it has been used for more than 30 years and has been industrially produced in large quantities. Its microhardness is 8000-10000 kgf/mm², the hardness is the highest. It is the mechanism of micro-cutting when processing materials, so it is the preferred cutting tool. In recent years, there has been a large-scale increase in output and a reduction in industrial costs, high processing efficiency (more than 5 times that of ordinary), and good processing effects (can polishing highly demanding materials). Therefore, its application is becoming more and more extensive.

Diamond abrasive tools mainly include metal, resin, ceramic, etc, which are classified according to the type of bonding agent. Metal bond grinding tools mainly include iron-based, copper-based, and cobalt-based types. It determines the processing cost of different types of materials. As a grinding tool, the particle size ranges from the coarsest to the finest particle size. It is characterized by a long service life, but the cost will be higher. Resin bond grinding tools are relatively low in production cost and have relatively more applications. They are now also used for rough grinding to polishing, and are its biggest advantage in fine-grained grinding and polishing. Ceramic bond polishing tools are nearly the fastest growing tool in these year. It takes the advantage of metal bond processing performance and avoids the short of resin bond processing performance. It has a good technical advantage, but because of its cost, it has not been seen to be used in stone renovation.

Metal bond grinding tools Resin bond grinding tools Ceramic bond polishing tools

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