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Grinding & Polishing Process of The Marble Floor

Grinding & Polishing Process of The Marble Floor
Jul 29 , 2021

Because of long-term use of marble, the crystal surface brightness and gloss of the marble surface will disappear, which will affect the overall decoration design of the house. When the brightness and gloss of the marble surface disappear, we need to polish the marble to regain its brilliance.

When polishing the marble, we should prepare a grinder, polishing machine, hybrid transitional polishing pads, resin floor polishing pucks, polishing powder, etc. We need to use different polishing processes according to the different types of marbles. The polishing process of flat panels is different from the polishing process of arc panels, so when we polish, we should pay attention to the differences.

The basic processes of grinding and polishing the marble floor is as follows:

1.Rough grinding

During the process of rough grinding, we require the grinding disc to have a deep knife and a high grinding rate. The grinding pattern is relatively coarse, and the ground surface is relatively rough. The main function of this process is to smooth scratched left behind in the previous process and level the surface in place.

2.Fine grinding

Continue to grind the marble surface with diamond grinding tools. The pattern, particles and color of the marble surface have been clearly displayed after fine grinding process, and the surface is relatively delicate and smooth. There are no visible scratches on the marble surface, and the surface will become smoother and smoother. The gloss of the surface can reach more than 55 degrees.


After completing the previous steps, use a polishing machine and diamond polishing pads with the grit ranging from 50 to 3000 to grind the marble from coarse to fine, then the brightness of the floor can be as smooth as new, and the surface of the marble after polishing is very bright, and the gloss of the marble can reach 85 degrees or more.

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