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How to Deal With Severe Sand And Cracks on the Concrete Floor?

How to Deal With Severe Sand And Cracks on the Concrete Floor?
Jul 01 , 2021

When we find that there is serious sanding or there are many cracks on the concrete floor, it can not be directly renovated. Because in these two cases, our refurbishment will not last long, and there will be sand and cracks again. For this reason, the following methods are recommended.

①: The method to deal with severe sanding on the floor.

When we found serious sanding on the concrete floor of our home, special treatment was required. For example, when a nail is scratched on the floor, a deep trench is drawn. This is severe sanding. The personal advice given for severe sanding  is to rebuild the floor. For example, we need to chisel the floor at this time, and then spread a layer of steel mesh on the floor, and finally use the fine stone concrete above C20 to pour the concrete floor of no less than 50mm.

②: The method to deal with serious cracks on the floor.

When there were many serious cracks on the concrete floor. For example, the width of such cracks was two to three millimeters, and the depth was the depth of the entire indoor floor, which means that the entire indoor floor was cracked. The personal advice given at this time is to fill the gap first. That is to say, for the cracks, we need to use special crack grouting material for filling to seal all cracks. When the crack grouting material reaches its strength, then polish the floor again. Only in this way can the concrete floor be refurbished.

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