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How to Renovate the Concrete Floor?

How to Renovate the Concrete Floor?
Jun 24 , 2021

If we want to renovate the concrete floor, we must understand some characteristics of the concrete floor. Then you can take the corresponding methods and the corresponding materials to refurbish the floor. TransGrindtools is dedicated to providing suitable tooling at every stage of the concrete renovation, and help you complete the job efficiently and successfully. The main steps of renovation are as follows:

① Check the condition of the floor

The so-called inspection of the floor is to check the specific existing conditions of our concrete floor. Because of different situations, we need to adopt different treatment methods. If it is found that the floor is only slightly dusty, then it is eligible for renovation. If there is severe sand on the floor, it cannot be directly renovated at this time. If there are many cracks on the floor, they also need to be dealt with according to the situation.

② Grinding

This is one of the most important step in the renovation of concrete floor. At this time, we can use the floor grinding machine with diamond grinding tools to grind all our concrete floor. After the grinding process is completed, we can see sand grains with a certain brightness on the entire floor, which means that our grinding is basically completed.

③ Polishing

The essence of polishing is also like grinding, but the diamond polishing pads used is finer, and the concrete floor is polished smoother on the basis of grinding. After polishing the concrete floor, if we clean the dust, we will find that the concrete floor has a certain degree of gloss.

④ Sealing

After the concrete floor is polished, it cannot be used directly, because its strength is limited after all and it will be worn out. Therefore, the conventional method is to apply a sealing primer. The sealing primer for the concrete floor has transparent as well as colored. And it has a certain degree of gloss and abrasion resistance after brushing. After sealing, our concrete floor renovation was completed.

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