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Some Guidances For Selecting Diamond Tooling

Some Guidances For Selecting Diamond Tooling
Jan 21 , 2021

Diamond tooling cuts or polishes a concrete surface using one of the hardest materials on Earth, that is diamond grains, a distinct advantage compared to tools that use common abrasives such as corundum and silicon carbide. To achieve the greatest productivity on hard concrete, a soft-bonded diamond needs to be used; conversely, a hard-bonded diamond needs to be used on soft concrete.

Diamond Tooling


In order for a grinder to use diamonds to cut, small chips of diamonds are suspended in a bond made from metal, resin, carbides, hybrid or mixed-resin (a blend of both resin and metal bonds) or polycrystalline PCD.


Segment refers to the raised part of the tool that holds the bond. More segments on the mounting plate means less head pressure, whereas a single segment withstands all of the head pressure.


Diamond tooling is available in various grits, indicating the size of the diamonds within the bond. The lower the number of grit, the larger the size of the diamond. The higher the number, the smaller or finer the diamond. Most concrete grinding jobs require a combination of diamond grits to achieve a desired end finish.

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