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The Applications and Characteristics of Diamond Polishing Pads

The Applications and Characteristics of Diamond Polishing Pads
Jul 15 , 2021

Diamond Polishing Pad

Diamond polishing pad is a flexible processing tool made of diamond as abrasive and combined with composite materials. The back is glued with velcro and velcro on the joint of the mill. It is used for the processing, repair and renovation of marble, concrete, cement floor, terrazzo, glass-ceramic, artificial stone, floor tiles, glazed tiles, vitrified tiles. It has the characteristics of strong grinding force, good durability, good softness, sharpness and good gloss, thus it is an ideal concrete floor diamond grinding tool. The whole process is divided into three stages: rough grinding, fine grinding and polishing. The processed surface has a gloss of more than 90°.

Applications of diamond polishing pads:

1. It is used for stone processing such as artificial stone, granite and marble. It has a complete and standardized particle size and color system and good flexibility. It is handy in processing lines, chamfers, curved slabs and special-shaped stone. There are many shapes, particle size and specifications to choose from.

2. It is used for the treatment and renovation of various floors and steps laid by terrazzo, granite, marble and artificial stone slabs.

3. It is used for the grinding and polishing of ceramic tiles such as full polishing and half polishing of microcrystalline tiles, glazed tiles and antique tiles. The smooth or matte surface can be selected at will. And the brightness value of the smooth surface can reach more than 90. It is also used for floor treatment and renovation of microcrystalline tiles and various ceramic tiles.

4. It is used for the renovation of industrial floors, warehouses, parking lots and other concrete floors or various aggregate hardener floors, especially the popular liquid hardener floor projects. Using polishing pads with different particle sizes for rough grinding, fine grinding and polishing.

Characteristics of diamond polishing pads

1. Unique resin bond, strong grinding force;

2. Fast polishing speed and high finish;

3. High degree of wear resistance and long service life;

4. No scratches or color left on the stone after grinding and polishing (not easy to stain)

5. Flexibly matched with various grinders according to needs and habits.

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