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The Use of Concrete Grinding Discs in Renovation

The Use of Concrete Grinding Discs in Renovation
Apr 01 , 2021

The concrete floor grinding discs adopt special formula and technology, and are specially used for the grinding, polishing and renovation of industrial floors, warehouses, garages and other concrete floors, self-leveling floors, etc.

Renovation of old concrete:

1. Base surface treatment: Fully soak the ground with water, use a high-pressure floor scrubber or a refurbished machine with a hard brush to fully scrub and remove the loose surface layer, and the hollow part will be treated separately.

2. Damage repair: Use a water dryer to soak up water on the surface, apply interface agent, repair with repair materials that meet the requirements, and maintain it in accordance with the specifications.

3. Leveling: Use concrete floor refurbishing pads or metal grinding discs (wet or dry grinding);

4. coarse grinding: Use 50#-200# grits concrete floor grinding discs

5. Penetration treatment: Use concrete liquid hardener for hardening treatment according to the specification. If the original concrete has poor hardness, it is recommended to do a penetration hardening treatment before coarse grinding.

6. Fine grinding: Use 200#-300# grits of concrete floor grinding discs. If the ground hardness meets the construction requirements after the penetration hardening treatment, sand will not occur during fine grinding.

7. Finish grinding (rough polishing): Use 500#-1500# grits concrete floor grinding discs.

8. Wash and dry: Use a refurbished machine with a cleaning pad to thoroughly clean the ground, and use a water dry to suck up water and dry.

9. Penetrating glazing: Use concrete penetrating brightener or similar products, and pay attention to the different treatment processes of different products.

10. Fine polishing: Use concrete floor polishing pads (choose 1-2 grits sizes according to needs). For the new concrete penetration treatment, it is recommended that the penetration treatment is carried out after fine grinding. If sand occurs on the concrete during fine grinding, it is recommended to do a penetration hardening treatment before fine grinding.

Matter Needing Attention:

1. Choose different grit sizes according to the concrete hardness and technician experience. It can be skipped sizes to use according to actual concrete conditions.

2. Wet grinding can reduce dust on the concrete and improve efficiency;

3. It is recommended to clean the concrete before changing to the next grit size after each grinding, otherwise the grinding effect will be influenced.

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