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Cement And Concrete Industry Launches 'Net Zero Accelerator' Around The World
Apr 06 , 2022

The Global Cement and Concrete Association (GCCA) recently launched a series of 'Net Zero Accelerator' projects aimed at helping decarbonise the cement and concrete industries in target countries in response to the GCCA's  Global Net Zero Emissions Industry 2050'. route map.

The first accelerators will be launched in Egypt, India, Thailand and Colombia. Egypt will host the 27th Conference of the Parties (COP27) of the United Nations Climate Change Conference later this year. Together, these countries account for about 10 percent of global cement and concrete production. Concrete, a locally produced durable material in construction, is critical to overcoming sustainability challenges facing many parts of the world, such as population growth, accelerated urbanization, and the infrastructure and community needs with the ability to recover more quickly in the face of rapidly changing climates.

Cement and concrete production accounts for about 7% of global carbon dioxide emissions. A global plan of eliminating these emissions by 2050 asked to accelerate CO2 reductions around the world. The accelerator project will identify barriers to decarbonization in targeted countries and recommend key actions. These include encouraging quick-impact government policies, such as increased recycling, the use of waste as an alternative to fossil fuels, and other circular economy practices, as well as identifying lighthouse” initiatives that can fully eliminate emissions in the coming decades, such as carbon capture utilization and storage technology.

Thomas Guillot, CEO of GCCA, said: “Last year, our industry made a ground-breaking global net zero commitment. As we shift our focus from a global roadmap to advancing decisive local action, this initiative is the logical next step.

Concrete will continue to be the most widely used building material in the world for decades to come, which means that global government-industry collaboration will be very important to ensuring that net-zero emissions targets are met. Our 'net-zero accelerator' will cooperate and support to target countries to help them decarbonize and keep pace with the global roadmap. I am proud to launch the first phase of the accelerator project to help these countries adopt more environmental friendly technologies and move towards a more sustainable future together. Here I call on more partners from all over the world to join us and become a part of this sport.”

Dr. Mahmoud Mohieldin, Egypt's High-Level Advocate for COP27, said: "The world needs massive infrastructures to overcome the major global challenges we face (such as poverty alleviation, the need for clean water and energy, and security affordable housing), but these infrastructures have not yet been built.

Cement and concrete will play a pivotal role in building a healthier and more resilient zero-carbon world in the industry rapid and comprehensive progress of decarbonization. We are therefore delighted to launch the 'Net Zero Accelerator' project to help develop China achieve its decarbonization goals. At the same time, we fully support the ambitious ambitions of various industries and countries to combat climate change and build a more sustainable future for all. Cement and concrete production accounts for 7% to 8% of global carbon dioxide emissions, the full voluntary participation of the industry is critical to meeting the 2015 Paris Agreement goals of limiting global warming to well below 2°C and as close to 1.5°C as possible.”

The accelerator project consists of three elements—i. a national net-zero roadmap, including emissions projections, mitigation tools, policy needs, and industry commitments; ii. identification and funding exploration of large-scale carbon emission reduction “lighthouses”; iii. Governments engage in policy dialogue to help accelerate the transition.

GCCA is working with the cement and concrete industries everywhere and will work closely with policymakers, designers and the construction industry to help overcome procurement and resource supply challenges and demonstrate the business case for environmentally friendly technologies that will be more widely adopted.

The accelerator will help the cement and concrete industries in Phase 1 countries align with the GCCA's 2050 net-zero emissions roadmap launched last year. The roadmap is the most significant global commitment to decarbonization in this important carbon-emitting industry, setting out the industry's path to full decarbonization by 2050, with a goal of limiting global warming to 1.5° C in line with the Paris Agreement initiative is consistent. Actions on the roadmap between now and 2030 will reduce concrete-related emissions by 25 percent compared to current normal levels, preventing nearly 5 billion tons of carbon from entering the atmosphere.

The Lighthouse program and a new batch of Phase 2 accelerators will be announced later this year.

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