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Ceramic Bond Transitional Polishing Pads
May 09 , 2021

TransGrind has developed a new 3 inch ceramic bond transitional polishing pad. It is designed for fast grinding concrete floors and smoothing scratch patterns. Ceramic polishing pads are used between metal grinding step and resin polishing step since it is deal for transitional polishing after quick remove scratches left behind by the metal grinding steps to prepare concrete for resin polishing. The specially designed pie shape segments can effectively remove scratches on the surface and save a lot of polishing time. With extra long life especially on harder concrete.

  • Diameter in 3 inch, 7mm or 10mm diamond thickness
  • Grits #30, 50, 100, 200, 400 are available
  • Wet/Dry use recommended

Ceramic Bond Polishing Pads

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