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Choose the Right Diamond Grinding Wheel
Mar 29 , 2021

Diamond grinding cup wheel

Diamond grinding cup wheel is made of diamond segments and iron cup base, the diamond segment could be welded on iron base or sintered with iron based completely. They are usually installed on handheld angle grinder and floor grinder machine. It is used for grinding concrete, terrazzo, granite, marble and other natural stone.

There are different types and diameter of diamond grinding cup wheels for various applications. For concrete grinding, diamond grinding cup wheel has a range of different hardness on bonds, they are super hard, hard, medium, soft and super soft, various diamond grits, diamond quality and different diamond concentrations to suit different application. Hard bond for soft concrete, medium bond for medium concrete and soft bond for hard concrete.


The size of the grit also depends on the size of the diamond and the grain diameter. For finer grains, finishing is good, while for finer grains, finishing on the end face is poor. Generally, coarse surface grinding wheels are used to quickly remove material. Use fine grinding wheels when surface treatments are considered important. Coarse wheels can be used for soft materials, but hard and brittle materials should usually be fine gravel.


These are defined by several factors including degree, strength, and hardness. It should be mentioned that the hardness can handle the material that binds/holds abrasive particles. The bonding material holds the abrasive particles in the form of surface grinding wheels. When these particles become blunt or completely ruptured, the bonding material will release the blunt particles, exposing new sharp particles to continue working. This effect occurs because the sand particles become dull and the grinding pressure increases.

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