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Classification of Polishing Head
Jan 08 , 2021

The polishing head of polishing material is often used in electric grinders, crane grinders, electric drills, etc. It is a small-scale grinding tool with a handle for polishing materials. Polishing material grinding head is mainly divided into: ceramic polishing grinding head, rubber polishing grinding head, diamond polishing grinding head, emery cloth polishing grinding head and so on.

1. Ceramic polishing head: Granular sand (usually brown corundum, white corundum, chromium corundum, silicon carbide) is sintered by polishing material ceramic bond, and the center is supplemented by a metal handle. It mainly grinds various metals for the grinding of the inner wall of the aperture and the correction of the mold. Ceramic bond transitional polishing pads for ceramic polishing head can effectively remove scratches on the surface.

2. Rubber polishing grinding head: The finer-grained sand is combined and synthesized by a rubber bond for polishing the mold.

3. Emery cloth polishing head: multiple rectangular abrasive cloth sheets are bonded around the metal handle. The particle size is generally 60#-320# for polishing the inner wall of the aperture.

4. Diamond polishing grinding head: a grinding tool for non-metallic materials such as stone and porcelain materials, especially a grinding tool with diamond alloy as the grinding body, which includes a matrix and several grinding bodies. Several grinding bodies are fixed in the matrix with gaps, and the grinding bodies are also arranged with gaps on the grinding surface of the polishing material grinding head. The matrix is preferably made of a bonding material with certain toughness, and the grinding body is preferably made of diamond alloy material. The utility model has the characteristics of high grinding performance, simple manufacture and low cost, high grinding processing quality and being suitable for large-scale grinding processing. TransGrind supply lots of concrete floor diamond grinding tools to help people make their work more efficient.

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