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Diamond Grinding Cup Wheel
Nov 29 , 2021

The diamond cup wheel is the one of the perfect grinding tools for concrete grinding. And it fits most angle grinders to help you power through each project. Its longer working life combined with fast removing speed enabling less working fatigue and eases the workload overall. The segmented grinding wheel are considered one of the best in the market today because they deliver excellent performance with long-lasting life expectancy. The advanced design works efficiently to remove surface coatings, glue, urethanes, mastic, and paint. This diamond grinding tool is ideal for contractors who are concerned with upfront costs, performance and reliability.

TransGrind specializes in the development and production of diamond grinding cup wheel with rich experience. Our products combine advancements in the latest diamond technologies. And different designs of diamond cup wheels are available for specific applications, multiple diameters, grits, bonds to meet various needs for aggressive concrete grinding and surface prep.

Turbo Grinding Cup WheelDouble Row Grinding Cup Wheel Fan Style Grinding Cup Wheel

TransGrind carry a great selection of diamond grinding wheels such as Turbo Grinding Cup Wheel, Double Row Grinding Cup Wheel, Fan Style Grinding Cup Wheel to meet different need for grinding work of our customers. If you are interested in our products and want to learn more detail, you can browse our website or consult us directly.

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