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Diamond Tools For Polishing Corner
May 07 , 2021

There is one great problem with polished concrete floor that it has great difficulty to polish the edges, corners and other tight areas because the most of the diamond tools are rotary grinding wheels or grinding discs. The existing rotary tools cannot get into a right angle corner because they are round and spin around an axis leaving a triangular section of unfinished concrete in the corners of the room which looks ugly and detracts from the quality of the polished concrete.

triangle diamond polishing tools

The popular use of triangle diamond polishing tools with different grits that will easily reach into corners, remove lippage, smooth the surface and prepare for resin polishing pads. And it is convenient to handle and polishing the tight areas which solve the big problem when performing our grinding and polishing job.

The triangle diamond tools fit most of the handheld polishers or grinders that will remove glue or coating, grind down lippage to level and fine grind the areas. The triangle style is suitable for flat grinding of slightly smaller areas. It can also be used on stairs, where stairs meet a wall, the sides of stairs and around other objects on floors such as pipes, backs of toilets or any other tight place where an angle grinder could not fit. Triangle diamond tools are also provided  with different grits which is similar to the other polishing tools to achieve a high gloss surface. In general, it is a good choice to use triangle diamond tools for corners that will make your polished concrete floor more complete and beautiful.

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