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Different Types of Diamond Grinding Tools and Their Uses
Jan 02 , 2024

When it comes to grinding and polishing tasks, diamond tools are widely regarded as the top choice due to their exceptional durability and cutting performance. Diamond grinding tools utilize synthetic diamond grains embedded in a bonding matrix, allowing them to effectively grind and shape various hard surfaces.

Diamond Cup Wheels: Diamond cup wheels are widely used for grinding and shaping concrete, stone, and masonry surfaces. They feature a wheel-like design with diamond segments on the outer edge, ideal for aggressive material removal and surface preparation.

Diamond Grinding discs: Diamond grinding discs are thin, flat discs with diamond segments or a continuous rim. They are commonly used for grinding concrete, terrazzo, and other hard surfaces, providing precise and smooth results.

Diamond Polishing Pads: Diamond polishing pads are used for achieving a high-gloss finish on concrete, stone, and terrazzo surfaces. They come in various grit sizes and are designed to progressively refine the surface from coarse grinding to fine polishing.

Diamond Grinding Shoes: Diamond grinding shoes, also known as diamond grinding segments, are metal or resin-bonded tools with diamond segments on the bottom. They are typically used with floor grinding machines to level uneven surfaces, remove coatings, and grind concrete and terrazzo floors.

diamond grinding discs

Diamond Grinding Plugs: Diamond grinding plugs are cylindrical-shaped tools with embedded diamond segments. They are primarily used for spot grinding, reaching tight corners, and smoothing rough surfaces.

Diamond Grinding Drums: Diamond grinding drums are cylindrical-shaped tools with diamond segments covering the outer surface. They are commonly used for aggressive material removal and profiling on concrete and stone surfaces.

Diamond PCD Tools: Diamond PCD (Polycrystalline Diamond) tools feature synthetic diamond particles bonded to the tool's surface. They are extremely effective for removing tough coatings, adhesives, and epoxy from concrete floors.

Each type of diamond grinding tool has its own specific purpose and is designed for different applications. It is essential to select the right tool based on the task at hand, considering factors such as the surface type, material hardness, desired finish, and aggressiveness required.

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