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How Diamonds Cut Concrete
Dec 28 , 2021

With concrete grinding, the diamonds cut into it and scratch it away breaking it down to sands and dust. During this process, the diamonds fracture and wear down, but at the same time, the bond metal is worn away by the dust of the concrete which exposes more of the embedded diamonds so that cutting can continue.

When grinding hard concrete, the diamonds cut, blunt and break with much less cutting action than medium hardness or soft concrete. As a consequence, there is less concrete dust produced. The hard metal matrix is then not worn away sufficiently by the small amount of concrete dust so the new diamonds are not exposed. This is when the diamonds stop working and rubs on the floor instead of cutting into it because the diamonds have worn down to the metal, but the metal matrix is not wearing away to expose new diamonds. The diamond is then flattened, polished and becomes very hot with continued use. At this stage, you need to press very hard and stay in the same spot longer for the diamond to grind any concrete.

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