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How to Make Concrete Grinding & Polishing Successfully
Nov 23 , 2021

There is a simple step-by-step process you need to follow if you want to get the perfect polish on your concrete. It involves the obvious grinding and polishing, but you need more than just a good floor grinder or good concrete diamond tools if you want to optimize concrete floors to be all they can be.

The basics of concrete floor grinding & polishing

Grinding concrete might sound complicated, but it’ s actually a lot like sanding wood. You need a machine designed for grinding down concrete, and it needs to be equipped with abrasives which are diamond segmented. These diamond tooling will grind it down to the degree of smoothness and shine that you desires. When the concrete floor grinding and polishing job has been completed, it should result in a mirror-like, glossy finish.

There are two main types of concrete floor grinding methods, wet and dry. Dry grinding provides an easier cleanup than wet grinding in most cases, but is harder on the concrete flooring and unless the right product is applied. Wet grinding is a messier job and the slurry that is left behind after grinding either needs to be cleaned up or used in some way.

Complete a concrete grinding & polishing job to perfection

After the concrete floors you’re working on have been ground down to a level suitable for polishing, you have two choices. You can vacuum up the dust left behind and move right on to polishing, or you can apply a liquid filler of some sort. This product will mix with the dust you’ve created during the grinding process to create a material which is super durable. It will automatically fill in pinholes and micro-cracks with ease. Applying a liquid filler will make the polishing process go that much smoother, allowing the concrete floors to accept color, hardeners, densifiers and protective treatments much easier. By using an additional liquid crack and gap filler after the grinding process has been completed, you can create a perfectly shined concrete floors that will continue to shine for a long time.

Concrete grinding and polishing is a step-by-step process. No matter what kind of concrete floors you’ re working on, it requires you to have all the right equipment and diamond tooling to complete. The results of a poor job typically not showing for a short period of time. Therefore, it required you to have more patience and care when doing your grinding and polishing work. TransGrind is a manufacturer that specializes in manufacturing all kind of premium diamond tools like metal diamond grinding tools, resin diamond polishing pads, hybrid transitional diamond tools for concrete grinding and polishing. We are more than happy to offer help for your concrete grinding and polishing job.

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