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Polished Concrete, Cost-Effective Flooring Option
Feb 19 , 2021

Conventional flooring systems are replete with downsides, including hydrostatic pressure, dusting, coating failures, downtime during installation, delamination and high maintenance. Decorative concrete market players have shown a traction towards polished concrete to gain a competitive edge in the landscape.

Polished concrete flooring has hit the sweet spot in terms of longevity, durability and abrasion resistance. Stakeholders, including project managers and concrete contractors are buoyed by the fact that polished concrete is LEED friendly and can leverage the concrete to hold indoor temperature longer. This kind of concrete wards off additional materials, such as coatings and contains no pronounced VOCs, thereby making it a lucrative material for sustainable buildings in the LEED Green Building Rating System certification process.

Dry-mechanically polished concrete can be put into service instantly following the completion of the process. Besides, the upsides of mechanically grinding propel the coefficient of friction and boost slip resistance, while it also transforms a porous concrete floor to repel oil, water and other contaminants. With polished concrete warranting minimal maintenance as compared to other flooring systems, concrete contractors perceive the material as a cost-effective flooring option.

It is pertinent to mention that polishing leverages rejuvenation of old concrete and acknowledges sustainable design attributes. When it comes to existing buildings, this concrete minimizes the impact of construction by recycling an old floor. Meanwhile, polished concrete uses non-toxic components, including water-based hardeners for new or old buildings.

Polishing has become prevalent for refurbishing old concrete flooring and introducing low-maintenance, durable and high-gloss installation. Decorative concrete market outlook will remain robust on the heels of impressive demand for polished concrete noticeable in industrial buildings, warehouses, public buildings and retail stores.

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