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Sharpening Tips
Nov 19 , 2020

Diamond tools are generally used in the following fields:

-Geological or project exploration: PCD Diamond geological drill bits, PDC diamond oil drill bits and diamond thin-wall drill are often used. The main application of PDC / PCD core drill Bit is in the oil gas and natural gas industries and the geotechnical mining industry.

-Stone processing: Diamond circular saw blades, diamond gang saw, diamond group saw are used to cut marble, granite and other stone blocks. Diamond wire saw is used in stone quarries to exploit raw stone blocks. Shaped diamond tools are used to process stone to a particular shape. Resin-bonded diamond polishing pads are used to polish stone slabs, countertops or stone floors, such as floor restoration polishing pad, diamond flexible polishing pads, floor polishing pucks, wet stone floor pads etc.

-Construction and concrete floor grinding and polishing: Diamond saw blades, diamond core drill bits, diamond grinding tools and diamond polishing pads are generally used in repairing roads, remodeling buildings, grinding surface for preparation, polishing commercial concrete floor and burnishing industrial concrete.

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