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Technical Guides
Storage of Abrasive Tools
Dec 02 , 2020

After receiving the abrasive tool, carefully check whether there are cracks and other damages, and carefully check whether the relevant trademark signs on the surface of the diamond tools are correct, clear and complete.

Grinding tools should be handled with care to prevent vibration and collision, and rolling on the ground is prohibited.

Abrasive tools should be protected from moisture and freezing when stored, and the room temperature should not be lower than 5℃.

Resin diamond tools should not be in contact with alkali substances, and rubber abrasive tools should not be in contact with oil, so as not to reduce the hardness and strength. When the grinding wheels are stacked, the stacking height generally does not exceed 1.5m. Avoid deformation when storing flake grinding wheels. Those who have been stored for more than one year can only be used after passing the revolving strength inspection.

Diamond Tooling for Concrete

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