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The Discovery of Superhard Materials
Apr 27 , 2021

Since 1955, the United States GE company used high temperature and high pressure methods to obtain synthetic diamonds, which has aroused the concern of the world, especially for countries lacking natural diamond. In 1957, cubic boron nitride (CBN) was synthesized by a high temperature and high pressure method. These man-made materials are particularly beneficial to the development of cutting tools. At that time, the main use of these materials in the field of machining was as abrasives. After more than 20 years of hard work, GE company successfully developed diamond sintered body (PCD) and CBN sintered body (PCBN) in 1977, and manufactured them into inserts, which further expanded the use of artificial superhard materials, from grinding to cutting.

What is more gratifying is the synthesis of large particle single crystal diamond and single crystal CBN, which creates conditions for replacing natural diamond. According to data, the largest synthetic single crystal diamond currently weighs 34.2 carats, but further research and exploration are needed for practical application, and the current cost is also expensive. Today, science and technology are developing rapidly, and new materials are emerging in large numbers. Superhard materials such as artificial diamond and artificial CBN will certainly play a huge role.

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