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The Overview of Diamond Grinding Wheel
Jun 21 , 2021

Diamond Grinding Wheel

Diamond grinding wheel is made by welding or cold pressing diamond blades on a metal substrate. Diamond blades are made by cold pressing and hot pressing sintering of synthetic industrial diamond and other metal powders, and then welded to the bowl-shaped metal substrate. Diamond grinding wheels are usually installed on concrete grinding machines to grind concrete, terrazzo, granite, marble and other stones.

There are different types and specifications of diamond grinding wheels to cater to different application needs. And they are commonly used to grind concrete, terrazzo, stone, paint, glue, epoxy and other floor coatings. Diamond grinding wheel have different bond, different particle sizes and different diamond concentrations. Bond can be divided into hard, medium, soft while particle sizes are divided into coarse, medium, and fine. Therefore, their quality and use are different.

When we choose a diamond grinding wheel, we can choose the right one according to our purpose. For example, when we are grinding hard concrete, we should choose a soft bond grinding wheel and if it is a fairly soft concrete, we can choose relatively hard one. When grinding different roughness of concrete floor, we should also choose a more appropriate particle size. Usually, for rough grinding, we should choose a softer bond and a high-quality grinding wheel. The particle size can be large, such as 16#, 20#, 30# for grinding. Choosing this kind of suitable grinding wheel can increase work efficiency. For fine grinding, we can also call polishing. We can choose the harder bond and fine-grained grinding wheels, such as 1000#, 200#, you can also choose other finer particle sizes according to the grinding needs. TransGrindtools carry a great selection of diamond grinding wheels for aggressive grinding and help to complete your job effectively.

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