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The Principles For Choosing Floor Materials
May 14 , 2021

Environmental Friendly

The problem of indoor environmental pollution should be more recognized, and the choice of floor materials should be non-toxic, harmless, and pollution-free as the basic bottom line. Among the floor materials, The formaldehyde pollution of artificial floors and harmful substances such as paint volatile organic compounds pose a great threat to human health. The radioactive contamination of ceramic tiles should also be paid attention to.


Solid wood floors have poor abrasion resistance and are afraid of water. The hallways and other places are prone to wear and tear, so they are not suitable for paving the whole house. Ceramic tiled floors give people a cold feeling, especially in the winter in the north, so they are not suitable to used in the bedroom. When choosing a floor material, we should understand its basic performance, whether it can meet the space requirements as well as maintain to use for a long time, in order to achieve the purpose of maximum practical use.


Floor decoration is the main expenditure of space decoration. Therefore, we must choose floor materials according to the decoration budget based on the two major conditions of environmental friendly and practicality. Remember not to follow the trend and pursue high prices. The right is the best.

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