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Things Should Notice When Grinding Hard Concrete
May 02 , 2021

Grinding hard concrete means that the metal matrix of which the segment is made needs to be soft bond and easily eroded to expose the diamonds. Often a coarser grit can be beneficial because it may produce coarser dust to help erode the matrix.

When grinding hard concrete, use diamond tooling with a soft bond or less segments for hard concrete and increase the weight on the diamond tooling. Using coarser grit diamond may increase the dust size and keep the tooling working. One of the most important thing is that do not use hard bond diamond tooling on hard concrete because they will almost certainly wear out incredibly fast.

When grinding hard concrete, it is also necessary to inspect your tooling. If there is hardly any diamond exposed out of the matrix or the tooling is getting hot, stop and change to a softer bond or less segments diamond tooling for the job. And watch out for the situation where there is a hard to grind top layer and a soft layer below. You can wear out diamond grinding discs fast. If this occurs, use the soft bond only to or nearly to the soft layer, then grind the soft layer completely separately with hard bond grinding discs.

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