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Types of Diamond Tooling
Oct 27 , 2021

Before a floor can be transformed, the hard work of preparing an old floor for a new application must be taken care of. Not only to clean, but to remove all built-up residues or coatings, which will hinder any successful concrete grinding and polishing job if left on the surface. Grinding with diamond tooling removes almost any coating, epoxy, glue or mastic. Between the floor grinder and the concrete, diamond tooling is the real workhorse to do the job. It is crucial to understand how to determine the appropriate type of diamond tooling relative to the concrete you are working on, as well as the desired end result.

Metal bond diamond tooling

This type of diamond tooling is used in concrete grinding under a variety of conditions. Metal bond diamond tooling can be soft, medium, or hard. It’ s essential that you choose the correct bond for your grinding purpose. For example, Soft concrete requires a hard bond diamond tooling.

Resin bond diamond tooling

Resin bond diamond tooling is used primarily for concrete polishing and light grinding. This category of tooling can be split into wet and dry resin diamond tools, which are made by mixing resin powder with diamond grit.

PCD removal tooling

PCD removal tooling is fabricated with synthetic diamonds and offers consistency, affordability, and extended tool life. This type of diamond tooling is used in concrete surface preparation for the removal of mastic, glue, and other thick or thin coatings.

Hybrid transitional diamond tooling

In recent years, we’ve seen the advent of transitional or hybrid diamond tooling which combines the cutting and grinding functionality of metal bond tooling along with the gentler polishing action of resin bond tooling.

Needless to say, selecting the proper tools for the task will ensure that you get the job done efficiently. If you find yourself going through diamond tooling too quickly for job, then it’ s time to choose a high quality option that will provide you with good service one job after another. TransGrind has our own production line of diamond tooling, which are perfect for projects both large and small. We always place the customer relationship at the center of everything we do. That means that customer support is just as important as providing the tools themselves. Contact us to learn more about how we can support you in your surface preparation and concrete grinding and polishing work.

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