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Dec 15 , 2020

Knowing Diamond Tooling for Concrete Surface Prep

From industrial facilities and manufacturing factories to residential buildings and enterprise headquarters across the world, concrete floors, especially polished concrete floor, are becoming the preferred choice for many contractors and their clients. Concrete floors have the following advantages: reducing daily maintenance costs, concrete flooring are durable and very long lasting, environmentally sound and giving unique appearance of concrete design.

Before grinding and polishing a concrete floor, the hard work of preparing an old floor for a new application must be taken care of. Clean and sanitize the floor and remove all residues or coatings, if these materials left on the floor surface, would impede any successful concrete polishing job. Depending on the type of residue, the concrete hardness, the desired surface shine and the square meters of the area, grinding processing removes all coatings, epoxy, glue or mastics on the floor. The grinding machine and the diamond tools are the real workhorse for floor grinding and polishing. Understanding how to determine the appropriate type of diamond tooling relative to the floor you are working on, as well as the desired end result, is very crucial.

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