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Ceramic Polishing Wheel For Edge Polishing

Ceramic Polishing Wheel For Edge Polishing
Aug 20 , 2021

Edging is the key to a winning polished concrete floor, but you need the right knowledge, the right tools and the right equipment to achieve success. Don't let the bad edging ruin a good polished concrete floor.

Oftentimes, inconsistent concrete finishing along exterior walls is the result of concrete contractors having to hand-finish edges because their power trowels couldn't get close enough to the edge of the slab. Hand finishing can cause many frustrating situations such as an uneven finish with many highs and lows and "chalky" concrete or pitting. These problems can all be solved but only with elbow grease and backaches. There are enough factors working against you when you're polishing edges on a concrete floor. Do yourself a favor and don't work against yourself even more by using the wrong equipment and subpar diamond tools.

Choose the right tools and equipment

In response to the above situation, the high quality ceramic polishing wheel and right polishing machine as well as equipment are essential.

According to market research, TransGrind easy edge ceramic polishing wheel can easily deal with most of the edge polishing project. Especially in the United States, the demand and sales of our ceramic polishing wheel are very large. Nowaday, the European market is also paying more and more attention to edge polishing. And TransGrind easy edge ceramic polishing wheel can help contractors complete their work smoothly. The easy edge ceramic polishing wheel has overwhelming superiority over metal bond grinding tools. It is a revolutionary design that improves the quality of edgework, while reducing the scratches and gouging that traditional metal bond grinding wheels cause. Therefore, it eliminates the need for metal bond grinding wheels on most concrete polishing projects. TransGrind ceramic polishing wheel works well on hard, medium and soft concrete. And it is fast cutting, light weight and easy to use resulting in a superior edge.

easy edge ceramic polishing wheel

The distinctive features of TransGrind ceramic polishing wheel:

  • Available in multiple grit levels — Extra coarse (30 grit), coarse (50 grit), medium (100 grit), fine (200 grit), and extra fine (400 grit).
  • Suitable for different conditions — Usable in both wet and dry environments and all types of concrete.
  • Fit different types of grinders — Available in 5" or 7" diameters, with 5/8-11 or M14 threaded attachment, can be used with hand-held grinders, walk-behind edge machines and angle polisher.
  • Get close to the edge — Butts right up next to the vertical surface and blends well with the floor, allowing you to achieve a beautiful edge polish.
  • Save time and labor — Designed to quickly remove scratches and hone edges in fewer steps.
  • Revolutionary design to use — TransGrind wheels are threaded, with lightweight design and quick mounting system that is simple to use.
  • Superior to other edge material — Reduce and prevent scratches and gouging that metal grinding wheels create

There are many new equipment and machines on the market that can help you solve the problem of elbow grease and backaches. For example, Kneeling Sitting Creeper with caster & chest support. This type of creeper is fully adjustable and made with a comfortable dual-density foam with attachable parts that connect and disconnect in seconds. Both the seat and chest support adjust at different angles, heights, and slide back and forth. This allows both hands to be free to work in any position, while your back and knees are on supports. This model helps you move rather quickly in a lateral position and can be used on rough surfaces. The fully adjustable seat provides the upper body support, leaving your feet free to control your movement. Walk-behind edge machine such as Teeny Genie Edge Grinder and Husqvarna PG 280 Floor Grinder are more commonly used in edge polishing work. This type of machine lets professionals stand upright to grind more comfortably and aggressively with better control than on their hands and knees. Cover more square footage in less time, with less effort while focusing on comfort.

In general, the grinding or polishing process along the edge is nearly the same as what is happening out on the main part of your floor. When doing the grinding or polishing project for your concrete floor, remember the edges need to be refined fully as well. Well defined edges that match in aggregate and tone with the rest of the floor takes a lot of work. You should slowly refine your process and research the new edging equipment and solutions for each grinding or polishing project.

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