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How to Solve the Resistance of Diamond Polishing Pads

How to Solve the Resistance of Diamond Polishing Pads
Aug 12 , 2021

In the process of polishing with diamond polishing pads, we may feel that the polishing pads become resistant, especially in the coarse grits polishing pads such as 1500# and 3000#, the resistance phenomenon is more obvious. There is generally no resistance problem in 50-800 grits diamond polishing pads, because these sections have a grinding function, that is, the abrasives in them ensure that these sections can cut the floor. As long as the polishing pads can cut the floor, of course there is not much resistance. Therefore, this kind of resistance is mainly produced in the coarse grits polishing pads, so what can be done to solve it? Here are some methods for your reference.


1.Reduce the weight of the machine

There are some grinding machines or polishing machines with counterweight. When polishing the floor with diamond polishing pads of 1500#, 3000# grits, we can remove the counterweight to make the machines lighter, thereby reducing resistance. And if necessary, you can manually sprinkle water instead of adding water to the machine's water tank, which can also reduce weight.  

2.Less water when polishing

During the polishing stage of coarse grit polishing pads, that is, polishing with 1500#, 3000#, remember to put less water and keep a thin layer of water on the floor instead of  flooding with a lot of water. We can also dry polishing the floor in the finally stage.

3.Increase the machine speed  

When using a polishing machine with frequency conversion and adjustable speed, if you feel the resistance increases when polishing with diamond polishing pads of 1500#, 3000# grits, please refer to the above two methods and increase the machine speed appropriately at the same time. These methods can not only solve the problem of high resistance when using coarse grits polishing pads, but also have a better gloss than ordinary polishing methods.

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