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Common Grinding and Polishing Mistakes

Common Grinding and Polishing Mistakes
Nov 18 , 2021

Grinding and polishing concrete is not a easy job. It is quite a bit more complicated if failure to pay attention to some details can easily lead to work errors. A few things need to keep in mind if you want the end concrete surface to come out looking smooth and shiny. Take a look at the two most common grinding and polishing mistakes, so that you know what to look out for when on the job.

Using the wrong bond for the concrete

One of the biggest considerations to make when grinding concrete is which type of bond your diamond tooling needs to have based on the type of concrete you will be grinding. Diamonds are set into a matrix that gets worn down to expose more diamonds the longer you grind. The hardness of the concrete will be the deciding factor of what tool to use because of how the bonds interact with concrete. The general rule of thumb is that very hard concrete requires a softer bond. Conversely, softer concrete requires a much harder bond.

If you choose the wrong type of bond for the concrete, then one of two things will probably happen. Either the diamonds in the tools will simply not cut into the concrete and they will quickly heat up and glaze over, or the tool will cut into the concrete but far more at once than you wanted, leading to you wearing the tool down much quicker. Both outcomes result in time wasted and more money spent on tools, so always know the composition of your concrete before grinding.

Performing the grinding process too fast

It is important to remember that when grinding concrete, slow and steady is the way to go. One of the most common grinding mistakes is trying to get it done faster than you should. Simply turning up the speed of the grinder may seem like an easy way to get the job done quickly, but resist the temptation to rush through this process. Especially on harder concrete, rushing and trying to spin the grinder too fast can very quickly overheat the diamonds in your tool and cause them to glaze over. In the worst cases, this can make your grinding tool completely useless, thus defeating the purpose of turning the speed up.

The speed of the tool is not actually what will affect the speed of the overall job. If you want faster results, what you really need to adjust is the pressure you are exerting on the tool itself. The greater the downward pressure on the tool, the more material is removed with each pass.

Concrete grinding and polishing should be methodical processes that take some time and care. Whether you’re installing an entirely new polished concrete floor or resealing an existing surface, TransGrind is dedicated to providing you with both the knowledge and diamond tools necessary for your concrete grinding and polishing job to ensure you can get the job done right. Our popular products such as 3 inch super MC polishing pucks, ceramic bond edge polishing wheel, magnetic diamond grinding discs have exported to many countries with high satisfaction. If you have any problems or concerns about your project, please contact us for professional solutions.

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