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The Steps of Smoothing Rough Concrete Slab

The Steps of Smoothing Rough Concrete Slab
Nov 24 , 2021

The rough concrete slab is always a headache until you give it a smooth finish. When you know how to smooth rough concrete slab, you will also know the process doesn’t require many essentials. So, the following steps will guide you to the process where you would get to know how to smooth rough concrete surfaces and make them shiny as well.

Step 1: Clean the concrete slab

Sweeping the dust and debris is the first thing to do when you are up to smoothing rough concrete slab. There must be some ingrained dirt on the floor. To clean them better use a pH-neutral cleanser with warm water to rub the floor. Make sure there is no cleanser residue left on the floor. When you finish sweeping the floor, let it dry. Do not start working until the concrete slab dries completely.

Step 2: Repair damaged areas on concrete slab

There must be some damaged and spalled areas you will find on the concrete slab. You may also find some cracks and holes that need to repair first before the smoothening process. After sweeping debris from the damaged areas of the concrete slab, it is time to fill the cracks and holes with epoxy resin. It helps in leveling up the concrete slab surface. After applying the epoxy resin, level the surface floor with the knife and let all the patches dry. It will take nearly 24 hours to dry completely.

Step 3: Use a concrete grinder to lower high areas

High areas of the concrete slab need to be lowered and leveled. Therefore, a concrete grinder is required. Place the grinder on higher areas and start grinding over the place. Make a small circular motion while running the grinder so that it gently flattens the floor. Keep on grinding till the areas come to the same level. When the areas will be leveled up just like the rest of the concrete surface, turn off the grinder.

Step 4: Grind all over the concrete slab

In this step, you have to grind all over the whole concrete slab surface again to bring the same texture. Using concrete floor grinding tools that are attached on the grinder to run all over the entire surface lightly. When you see a similar texture in the entire floor stop grinding. Grinding will certainly produce dust and residue. Clean all the residue again after grinding is done.

Step 5: Apply the compound onto the concrete slab

Mix self-leveling compound and water together properly. Pour the mixture compound on the marked dips and fill them with the compound. After filling the dips, pour the compound all over the floor as a layer. Make a compound layer of about half an inch from the surface of the floor. Use a squeegee to spread the compound evenly. When you are done with it, let the layer set for about 4 hours. After 4 hours you will get a new and smooth concrete slab.

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