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How to Maintain the Concrete Floor?

How to Maintain the Concrete Floor?
Jul 08 , 2021

The maintenance of the concrete floor actually includes two aspects: one is the maintenance of the concrete floor during construction, and the other is the maintenance of the concrete floor in normal use. TransGrindtools can provide with  suitable diamond impregnated pads at every stage of the concrete floor maintenance and help to complete the job efficiently and successfully.

①: Maintenance during concrete floor construction.

Qualified materials must be used for concrete floor construction. When pouring the concrete floor, vibrating equipment must be used to vibrate the ground concrete in place. After the concrete is finally set, the surface should be matted in time, and the grass curtain should be used for curing. During the maintenance period, water should be sprayed in time to ensure that the indoor floor is moist, and this should be maintained for one to two weeks. In this way, a good concrete floor can be made.

②: The usual maintenance of concrete floors.

Regarding the normal use of the concrete floor, we need to pay attention to the following points: For the time being, try to avoid being scratched by hard objects on the indoor floor. That is to say, if there are heavy objects on the concrete floor, try to avoid dragging them directly on the floor, which is easy to cause scratches. Once scratches appear, metal floor grinding tools or resin floor polishing pads can be used to smooth the surface. The second is that the concrete floor should be frequently sprinkled with water during normal use to keep the ground moist. The third is that if there is dust on the concrete floor, it must be refurbished in time.

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