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Measures To Prevent Wave Patterns

Measures To Prevent Wave Patterns
Sep 02 , 2021
  • Choose the grinding discs correctly 

When choosing a grinding disc, it is necessary to focus on the number segments with grinding ability, namely 30#, 50#, 100#, 200#, 400# these number segments, and the following 800#, 1500#, 3000# are mainly for polishing, and the grinding force has been negligible. 

For 30#~400# grinding discs, it is necessary to choose large particles and thicker discs. When grinding the floor, the large particles can better traverse the soft and hard material, and the grinding is more uniform. And if it is a small particles design, the small particle can not cross the soft and hard parts of the floor when grinding, and the grinding disc will cut the soft part very deep which will cause the above phenomenon. Until the polishing stage of 800#, 1500#, 3000#, you can choose small particle grinding disc, because the grinding effect of the grinding disc at this stage has almost disappeared, and the main function is to emit light.

  • Choose the grinder correctly
1. Polishing width 

The larger the grinding width, the greater the stability and leveling ability of the grinder. It is more suitable for grinding such uneven floors.

2. Weight and speed

There is a balance between the weight and speed of the grinder. When grinding this kind of floor, if the weight is large and the speed is low, it gives space for the grinding disc particles to cut to the soft part. If the weight is large and the speed is moderate, the grinding disc will quickly pass between the soft and hard materials, which reduces the grinding intensity of the soft part and can effectively avoid this phenomenon. If the grinder speed is too high, the grinder is easy to shake and it is not conducive to leveling the floor.

3. Shock absorbing effect

The quality of the damping device is also a key element that affects the stability and leveling ability of the grinder. The shock absorption of the grinder generally uses rubber pads, which are mounted on the chassis of the grinder. We usually can't see it, but this accessory is very important. The shock absorbing pads have to bears the weight of the grinder. Exaggerated deformation will cause the classic of the grinder to be unstable and feel very bumpy. Good quality shock absorbing pads are generally harder, which not only can effectively disperse the force and play a good shock absorbing effect, but also will not deform excessively, ensuring the stability of the grinder.

  • Pay attention to the grinding speed

When grinding, it should maintain a uniform speed to move forward or backward until the floor is completely ground. In fact, the grinding and polishing of floor are regarded as precision operations. When reaching the polishing stage of 800#~3000#, even a small particle can cause deep scratches to the floor. Therefore, our various operations should be as uniform and delicate as possible during the grinding process.

In general, before the floor is ground, choosing suitable grinding discs, grinder, and paying attention to the grinding speed can effectively prevent the occurrence of wave pattern on the floor. TransGrindtools specialized in providing diamond grinding discs and diamond polishing pads with premium quality and high grinding force. And there are various sizes and grits to meet your different needs, please contact us for detailed inquiries.

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