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Benefits of Diamond Tools During Grinding & Polishing Process

Benefits of Diamond Tools During Grinding & Polishing Process
Sep 09 , 2021

There are two main types of tools used to grind concrete. One is metal bond diamond tool which is formed by sintering synthetic industrial diamonds and metal powder. The other is resin bond diamond tool which is formed by mixing plastic resin with synthetic industrial diamonds and compressing it. Both of these tools have diamonds embedded inside. There are many benefits to use diamond tools during concrete grinding or polishing process. The following are the main benefits.


In diamonds the carbon atoms are arranged in a tetrahedron. This arrangement means that each carbon atom is bonded to five other carbon atoms in three-dimensional space. In fact, this molecular arrangement makes diamonds so hard that diamonds can cut every other material, including other diamonds. Diamond is recognized as one of the hardest materials.

It is impossible to identify every component in concrete. However, tools for working cured concrete must be capable of cutting every type of chemical compound, including the rocks that make up the gravel. Therefore, due to its hardness, diamonds are ideal for grinding concrete.


Diamond tools are more durable than all other abrasives. Both metal bond diamond abrasives and resin bond diamond abrasives work because the bond slowly wears away and exposes new layers of the diamond to polish the concrete. It is the bond that determines the durability of the tool, not the diamond. Eventually, the diamonds fall out of the tool. Some of these are even ground up by the other diamonds in the tool itself. But because of the hardness of the diamonds, diamond tools usually last longer than other abrasives.


The hardness of diamonds also means that grinding is faster with diamond abrasives than with other abrasives. And due to the durability of diamond tools, it will not take so long for the grinding or polishing jobs since fewer tool changes are needed. This greatly reduces some unnecessary time. And rather than repeated grinding to smooth out a particularly stubborn stone, diamond tools will grind right through it which improves the work speed and efficiency.


Industrial diamonds are a cost effective tool material. Although diamonds cost more than other abrasives, they do not cost so much more that the cost is prohibitive. Moreover, due to the durability, more work can be accomplished with fewer tool changes with diamond abrasives. This means that, on balance, diamond tools are comparable in cost to other abrasives while providing greater grinding power.

Diamond tools are undoubtedly a cost-effective tool during concrete grinding or polishing process. When you conduct a polished concrete project, diamond tools are essential. TransGrind specialize in manufacturing all kind of premium diamond tools like HTC EZ change diamond  tools, Husqvarna grinding tools, etc. We have professional suggestions and solutions for concrete grinding and polishing, floor maintenance and restoration industries.

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