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Methods To Prevent Grinding Scratches

Methods To Prevent Grinding Scratches
Sep 17 , 2021

During the grinding process of the concrete floor, there are often various reasons for scratches appear. Some of these scratched can be completely removed when polishing while some of them are difficult to remove which cause the floor does not look smooth. In many cases scratches can be avoided and we can refer to the following methods.

1. Slow down the grinding speed  

Too fast grinding speed will lead to missing grinding, which will cause the scratches produced by the previous rough grinding process in the area are not worn away. When the next grinding process uses a diamond grinding disc with finer grit, the scratches cannot be completely removed. Therefore, the effect will be better with slow and uniform grinding speed and a lot of rework can be avoided at the same time.

2. Increase the concrete cushion

When the concrete floor is ground, it is inevitable that there will be a lot of gravel and debris generated by the grinding disc. The reason may be that the base layer of the concrete floor is too thin, which causes the bottom layer to be touched during grinding. Then the large gravel at the bottom layer will worn the grinding disc, resulting in a lot of debris and sand. Therefore, you can add a concrete floor cushion to increase the thickness before grinding the concrete floor, which helps stabilize the floor and make it more compact, thereby avoiding the generation of sand and debris and reduce scratches on the floor.

3. Use suitable lubricants

When using tools on a grinder, it is necessary to spray a mild lubricant on the tools. Lubricant will help the tool to keep cool, and will reduce the amount of material accumulation on the tool, which can effectively protect the chassis on the grinder. In the heavy and humid sanding process, the lubricant helps prevent the mud from sticking to the grinder chassis. At the same time, the lubricating oil will not be transferred to the floor because the viscosity is not high enough to form stains on the concrete floor.

4. Don not use cleaning compounds  

The use of cleaning compounds will shorten the service life of the grinder and increase the wear and tear, so try not to use cleaning compounds when cleaning the polished concrete floor or coating. It is recommended to collect the dust on the  surface in an area of the concrete floor, and then use a foam scraper to replace the cleaning compound. You can use the scraper to shovel the dust into a trash can or a plastic bag for cleaning.

The grinding scratches on concrete floor are caused by many aspects. Whether it is a grinder or a grinding tool, it can be avoided scratches by using them reasonably. TransGrind manufactures different specifications of diamond grinding tools for concrete floors to meet different grinding processes. The complete set can greatly avoid the appearance of grinding scratches. If necessary, you can leave a message on our website for detailed consultation.

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