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Necessary Equipment For Terrazzo Flooring Prep

Necessary Equipment For Terrazzo Flooring Prep
Mar 18 , 2021

Terrazzo Floor

Taking on a terrazzo project comes with various benefits. This process provides tremendous aesthetic flexibility and opportunities for creativity. Terrazzo not only enables you to let your imagination run wild, but its surfaces are relatively low maintenance, low in cost, and using the cement or epoxy methods result in an easy-to-clean surface that’s durable and long-lasting.

Some of the equipment which is necessary for your terrazzo surface preparation will depend on whether you choose epoxy or cement in your approach, as the flooring diamond tools will defer from one method to the other. Ensure which items to use when prepping your flooring or other surfaces.

Other flooring preparation equipment to consider using includes:

Grinders: Depending on your need, the options available for surface grinding are quite extensive. Such as edge grinders, dual and quad floor grinders, and even heavy-duty, remote-controlled grinders.

Diamond tooling: Ideal for terrazzo mixes, marble, granite, and other natural stones, most diamond tooling pads can be used over epoxy-mixed and cementitious flooring and even in wet use. Depending on the pad and your project needs, available grit comes in as low as 16 and as high as 8000.

Terrazzo may provide designers with an array of possibilities, but all of that is null if the contractors cannot do their job with right equipment. Therefore, whatever your project demands, ensuring quality flooring starts with using the right equipment. TransGrind provide you with top quality terrazzo diamond tooling and expert guidance on selecting a tool and ensuring your job performs effectively.

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