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The Surface Coating of Superhard Material

The Surface Coating of Superhard Material
Mar 11 , 2021

The surface coating of superhard material refers to the coating of other materials on the surface of superhard material particles by surface treatment technology. Different coatings on the surface of superhard material become new varieties with different properties. Synthesis, sorting, coating and sintering (polycrystalline manufacturing) are the four main ways for the development of superhard materials.

The coated superhard material usually refers to the superhard abrasive particles with various particle sizes. As the material for the coating, it is usually metals (including alloys), such as copper, nickel, titanium, molybdenum, copper-tin alloy, copper-tin-titanium alloy, nickel-cobalt alloy, nickel-cobalt-phosphorus alloy, etc. Some coating materials are also non-metallic materials, such as ceramics, titanium carbide, titanium nitride and other compounds are refractory and hard materials. When the coating material is metal, the surface coating of superhard material can be called metal plating, or commonly known as surface metalization.

The purpose of surface plating is to impart special physical and chemical properties to superhard material particles, thereby improving their use effect. For example, the service life of diamond grinding wheel made of coated diamond or cubic boron nitride can be extended by 50% - 100% or more. TransGrind offers premium diamond polishing tools to help create super shine and longevity for your concrete floor.

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