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Preparatory Work For Concrete Floor Grinding

Preparatory Work For Concrete Floor Grinding
Dec 03 , 2021

There is no doubt that having the right equipment and tools for concrete grinding is crucial. We need to make the best combination of tools and equipment that will result in maximum performance and flexibility at a minimum cost. The following is the necessary equipment and tools for the job.

Concrete floor grinder

A grinder is a must-have equipment in the concrete grinding process. Concrete floor grinders have various applications, including cleaning, grinding and polishing concrete floors. There are two types of concrete floor grinders: one is traditional large and walk-behind grinder that used for patios and floors, the other is newer and compact handheld grinder that are generally used for worktops. While each type requires different skills, both achieve the same result.

Vacuum dust collector

During the concrete grinding process, concrete floor grinders tend to create a huge amount of dust. This makes the use of dust-control equipment mandatory to keep concrete dust from going airborne. In this case, a dust vacuum collector will come in handy. Using a dust collector will greatly reduces the risk of lung diseases.

Diamond tooling

Every concrete grinding business requires a variety of diamond tooling to complete most concrete grinding projects on time. Concrete varies in hardness depending on the mix that was used so that we need to have diamond tooling with different bond hardness and grits for both softer concrete and harder concrete. Frequently used diamond tooling include diamond grinding wheels, hybrid transitional tools, flexible polishing pads, PCD removal tools, etc. Choose the corresponding diamond tooling according to the grinding needs of the concrete floor.

TransGrind Diamond Tooling

With the right equipment and tools ready, preparatory work for concrete floor grinding should commence. The following are the things that go into grinding preparation:

1.Measure the size of the concrete floor and decide which equipment is ideal for the job.

2.Evaluate the condition of the concrete floor to see if there is any damage.

3.Measure the hardness of the concrete floor to determine which type of diamond tooling to use.

4.Wear personal protective equipment, including eye protection, ear protection, dust mask, footwear and gloves.

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