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Technic and Category of Polished Concrete Floor

Technic and Category of Polished Concrete Floor
Jun 10 , 2021

The early stage of the concrete polishing process includes four steps: grinding (coarse grinding), repairing, curing, and polishing (fine grinding). Generally, it is necessary to further adjust the tools and steps used according to the actual situation to achieve the final design effect.

(1) Grinding (coarse grinding) refers to the use of metal diamond tools for grinding, which can remove fine pits, blemishes, colorants or other thin coatings on the floor (such as epoxy coating, self-leveling cement, PVC plastic ground, etc.) To prepare for the subsequent polishing process. According to different concrete floor conditions, the grinding process can usually be divided into three to four steps.

(2) Repairing refers to the use of repairing agent to fill in the air bubbles, cracks, and fine cavities in the concrete.

(3) Curing refers to the process of applying curing agent on the surface of the concrete to harden the concrete.

(4) Polishing (fine grinding) refers to the use of resin polishing pads to polish the floor until the floor exhibits the expected gloss. The polishing process can be divided into three to five steps. According to the floor conditions and gloss requirements, the maximum usable number of resin polishing pads is 3000 grits. According to the glossiness of the polished surface, the polished concrete floor can be divided into three categories: industrial floor, commercial floor and top floor.

  • The industrial floor is custom polished with low gloss. This type is mainly aimed at large area indoor floors such as warehouses, supermarkets and department stores.
  • The commercial floor refers to the polishing of the half exposed and low exposed aggregate floor with medium gloss. This floor is aimed at the indoor public areas of the retail industry.
  • The top floor is a high gloss decorative polishing on the exposed aggregate floor. This floor can be used in museums, exhibition halls, etc.

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