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The Components of Diamond Tooling

The Components of Diamond Tooling
Jun 03 , 2021


The bond is one of the most important components of diamond tooling. When the diamond tooling are made, the top surface of the diamonds are covered with the bond. There are two main ways that diamonds are integrated into diamond tooling: resin bond diamond tools and metal bond diamond tools. The difference between them is the bond used to secure the diamonds into the surface of the tooling. The bond must hold the diamonds on the tooling surface. However, the bond must gradually and evenly wear away so that new diamonds are exposed to the surface as the surface diamonds dull.


Grit is the metric for describing how coarse or fine the diamond tooling is. When dealing with diamond tooling, the grit is determined by several factors, including the size of the diamonds and the arrangement of the diamonds. If the diamonds are larger and have greater gaps between them, the tool will tend to have a coarser grit. On the other hand, smaller diamonds with small gaps between them will produce a tool with a finer grit. Generally speaking, grinding or polishing concrete proceeds from coarser to finer grits.


Segment refers to the raised part of the tool that holds the bond. More segments on the mounting plate means less head pressure, whereas a single segment withstands all of the head pressure. Generally, there are double segments or single segment on diamond tooling in different shapes and design.

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