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The Advantage of Diamond Tooling For Concrete

The Advantage of Diamond Tooling For Concrete
Apr 22 , 2021

Diamond tooling cuts into concrete and other surfaces using diamond grains that are bonded onto special parts of surface preparation equipment. Because the diamond is considered a super-hard material, diamond tooling has many advantages compared to tools made with common abrasives such as corundum and silicon carbide.

In addition, the concrete, stone or steel you need to cut into are also some of the hardest materials known to man. To cut through them with precision, you need something even harder. Diamond tooling is suitable for the job.

  • High wear resistance: Diamond tooling’s change in dimension is small, performing with good grinding quality and precision.
  • Long lifespan: This can greatly increase the work efficiency, improve the work environment and decrease labor intensity.
  • High grinding efficiency: Less heat is generated by the hole in the grinding process, which decreases or avoids burns and cracks on the surface, the equipment’s wear and energy consumption.

Whether grinding and polishing old or new concrete floors, we provide a full range of diamond tooling, such as hybrid transitional tools, metal bond grinding tools, resin bond polishing tools for your job. With the professional quality and diamond technologies, we can help you transform your floors into highly abrasion-resistant, smooth and visually appealing surfaces.

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