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The Ceramic Bond Diamond Tools

The Ceramic Bond Diamond Tools
Apr 29 , 2021

The abrasives used in super-hard material abrasive tools are mainly diamond and CBN. Diamond abrasive tools are a kind of super-hard material abrasive tools. The bonding of diamond tools mainly include resin bond, metal bond and ceramic bond.

The sintering temperature of ordinary abrasive tools using ceramic bond is usually above 1250℃, but the sintering temperature of superhard abrasive tools with ceramic bond generally cannot exceed 1000℃. And the sintering temperature of diamond abrasive tools is generally lower than that of CBN abrasive tools. Therefore, the ceramic bond used in this type of abrasive tool is called a low-melting bond.

Ceramic Grinding Tools

Diamond abrasive tools have the characteristics of high abrasive hardness, sharp abrasive grains, high thermal conductivity, low grinding temperature, strong grinding ability, litter abrasive wear and long service life. Compared with resin bond and metal bond, ceramic bond diamond tool also has the characteristics of good heat resistance, oil resistance, water resistance, acid and alkali corrosion resistance, high grinding precision. And it can adapt to grinding under different coolant conditions, and also has good shape retention. Since there are many pores in the ceramic grinding tool, it is good for cooling and chip removal, not easy to block and heat during grinding, and it is less likely to burn the workpiece. Ceramic grinding tools have good self-sharpening properties, long dressing cycles, easy dressing and moderate dressing maintenance costs, which can well meet the high precision grinding of difficult to process materials and general materials. With high grinding efficiency, it is suitable for grinding processing on CNC grinders and automated production lines.

With the development of science and technology and the emergence of new materials, the scope of mechanical processing is continuously expanding, and the requirements for processing quality are getting higher and higher. The market for ceramic bond super-hard material abrasive tools is increasing.

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