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The Application of PCD Tools

The Application of PCD Tools
May 27 , 2021

At present, the processing range of PCD tools has expanded from traditional metal cutting to stone processing, wood processing, metal matrix composites, glass, engineering ceramics and other materials. Through the analysis of the application of PCD tools in recent years, it can be seen that PCD tools are mainly used in the following two aspects:

Processing of difficult-to-process non-ferrous metal materials:

When ordinary tools are used to process non-ferrous metal materials that are difficult to process, defects such as easy wear of the tools and low processing efficiency often occur, while PCD tools can show good processing performance. For example, PCD tools can effectively process a new type of engine piston material—hypereutectic silicon-aluminum alloy (a breakthrough has been made in the research on the processing mechanism of this material).

Processing of difficult-to-process non-metallic materials:

PCD tools are very suitable for the processing of non-metallic materials that are difficult to process such as stone, hard carbon, carbon fiber reinforced plastic (CFRP), and man-made plates. For example, Huazhong University of Science and Technology realized the use of PCD tools to process glass in 1990. At present, the application of laminate flooring and other wood-based panels (such as MDF) is becoming more and more extensive. Processing these materials with PCD tools can effectively avoid defects such as easy wear of tools.

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