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The Resin Bond Diamond Tools

The Resin Bond Diamond Tools
May 13 , 2021

Using resin as the bonding raw material, metal powder, metal oxide and ordinary abrasives as auxiliary raw materials, the bonding agent synthesized by a certain production method is called a resin bond. The commonly used resin binders mainly include phenolic resin and epoxy resin. Phenolic resin can self-condensate and cure at high temperature, and has good thermal performance, but at the same time, its expansion coefficient after curing is relatively large. After the epoxy resin is hardened, its adhesion is good, the mechanical strength is high, and the volume shrinkage does not change much, but the thermal performance of the epoxy resin is poor, and if the crosslinking reaction occurs, a curing agent needs to be added.

Compared with the production of metal bond or ceramic bond diamond tools, the production of resin bond diamond tools has the following obvious advantages:

1) The raw materials are cheap and easy to obtain;

2) The initial investment is not high;

3) The operation is not complicated and the production cycle is relatively short;

4) Low energy consumption in the production process.

Resin bond tooling can be used in processing occasions requiring high grinding efficiency and low surface roughness, as well as processing occasions with lower requirements. And they can also be widely used in the fields of semi-grinding, fine grinding and polishing.

The processing material objects of resin bond diamond tools are very wide, and more than 80% of the world's cemented carbide workpieces need to be processed by it. Moreover, semiconductor materials, new energy crystal materials, ferrite materials, architectural ceramic materials, glass materials, architectural concrete, terrazzo, natural stone and artificial stones, etc can all be processed with resin bond diamond tools.

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